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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

'Getting Your Bum Out Abroud' is the new trend on social media

The new trend taking over social media is taking photographs with your bare butt on display. This is mostly done abroad in a famous location.

"The Cheeky Exploits account was first shared on a travel group I belong to, with a request for members to share their own bare-bottomed photos. Dozens did.

When one person expressed disapproval, they were shouted down as a prude. And no one wants to be a prude.
But it’s not prudish to think pulling down your pants and flashing your bum isn’t appropriate tourist behaviour." - Julia Buckley of Independent UK

Below are some of the screenshots from the crazy online trend.

1. The Trio

2. The pretty single

3. The blond single

 4. The five man squad

They pick their holiday destinations according their Instagram potential. They turn their backs to the sights so they can squeeze their face into the shot. Instead of watching the Northern Lights with their eyes, when they’ve crossed time zones and spent thousands to experience them.

They then watch them through the viewfinder, or strip off and scream to make sure they get that crazy profile picture or Facebook status that’ll break their “likes” and reactions record.

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