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These are Some Helpful Safety Tips for The Festive Season

The festive and holiday season is here again and it comes with a lot of enjoyment and celebrations, nonetheless, it comes with a lot of dangers for road users too as a lot of people are in a hurry to round up their shopping for the festivity. As you’re rushing out, your safety should be […]

Sony Launches Wearable Body Air Conditioner

These days, almost all offices now have air conditioners in them, likewise, the cars we drive around and the taxi’s we board. Ever been in a bus or public transportation without an Air Conditioner, with the bus filled to capacity under a hot sun? What will you do if you find yourself in such a […]

Facebook Fined $5 billion For Breaching Users’ Privacy

Social media giant, Facebook has been fined the sum of $5 Billion Dollars by the US Government For Breaching its users’ Privacy. The US Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday that Facebook has also agreed to review the way they handle their users’ privacy. Apart from the $5 Billion Fine, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was asked […]

Airline Mistakenly Reveals The Safest Place To Sit In A Plane

An Indian airline named KLM India mistakenly posted the safest place to sit in a plane, and also the worst place to sit in a Plane if eventually, a crash occurs. KLM India posted the information on their Twitter page a few hours ago, and thereafter deleted it after they got a lot of backslash […]

Man Eats Expired Foods For A Year To Prove Expiry Dates Doesn’t Mean Much

Expiry dates are dates noted in a product, especially consumable ones. Expiry dates are always found alongside Production Date of a product and it’s noted down by the producer to let the consumers know the date in which that particular product is not to be consumed further. An American man named Scott Nash doesn’t agree […]

5 Creative School Interior Designs That’ll Wow You

Interior designs they say, has a way of impacting positively in the life of students, whether at home or in the school. That explains why schools try as much as possible to put the best kinds of designs in the school premises. However, these schools went extra mile in their quest for a great school […]

Weird Scientific Excuses Why Humans Haven’t discovered Aliens Yet

Aliens! Aliens!! Aliens!!! We often hear about them and the space exploration for the discovery of alien life on other nearby planets. But each passing day, brings fourth no answer to quench our thirst for answers on where and how we can actually find alien life and then ‘scientific’ excuses to back it up. Nevertheless, […]

Study Shows That Men Who Marry Smart/Intelligent Women Live Longer

Encouraging men to value a female’s brains over her beauty is a tricky business. This has long been an important feminist issue, and one that is well understood by most people. Up until now, only men were expected to be educated and working. But the time has changed and the need for women’s smartness is […]