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Meet Kenyan Richest Witchdoctor Who Never Misses Church

Today, we’ll be covering the story of the richest witchdoctor in Kenya who goes by the name ‘Annah Mutheu’. Annah Mutheu is a Kenyan witchdoctor who lives a lavish lifestyle like the wife of a politician as she has a fleet of cars and often jets in and out of the country like a corporate […]

See The ‘Weird’ Homemade Car British Policemen Pulled Over In Traffic

British Police officers pulled over a very unusual and ‘weird’ car which was spotted keeping up with other vehicles in traffic. The 3 wheeler vehicle looks like a small boat and an Airplane’s Cockpit. The vehicle’s body was made with Balsa wood and Duct Tape, and it’s an electric car. The officers who pulled the […]

American Mum Just Started Paying Her Kids Salary For House Chores

An Atlanta based mum named ‘Shaketha Marion McGregor’ had begun recruiting her children to work in various house departments to enable them to earn income and build their credit score. According to McGregor, her children had been requesting for money, new phones and allowances from her, so she decided to set up a home hiring […]

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Video of A Toddler Imitating Michael Jackson (video)

A video has been trending on twitter for some while now, and in the video, a toddler can be seen dressed in a dancing outfit while watching Michael Jackson video and imitating every of his move. The adorable video was shared by a twitter user with the handle ‘Kalie Tafoya’ with the following caption; “My […]