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Woman Donates Her Kidney To Her Ex Five Years After Divorce

A Selfless woman has been praised after she took it upon herself to donate her kidney to her ex-husband, 5 years after their Divorce. The woman, Kelly Hope is 43 years while her ex-husband Dan Pyatt is 44 Years-old and they fell in love with each other when they were 18 and got married 14 years later, and […]

Toddler Falls From 6 Storey Building, Gets Caught By Neighbours (Video)

Leaving your child alone at home has a lot of disadvantages which are more than the advantages because a child left alone at home, especially a toddler can get him/herself badly injured or even get into a practice/position which can really endanger his/her life and there’ll be no adult around to help.  A lot of […]

See The Spider With Human-Like Face Spotted In A Chinese Home

A video has surfaced online showing a Spider with human-like face in a home in central China’s Hunan Province. The creepy video showed angles of the spider with Human-like face drawn on it’s back, and looking closely to it you’ll notice that the actual face is on the front and the human-like face is at […]

See The Robot Waitress Introduced In UK Restaurant

What will you do if you find yourself in a situation whereby you’re very hungry and then you head to a restaurant to get some food, and after calling on a waiter to get you a meal ASAP, but the meal never arrived even after you waited for more than 10 Minutes, then later on […]

6-year-old South Korean YouTube Star Boram Buys $8 Million 5-Storey Property

A 6-year-old South Korean YouTube star named Boram, with over 30 million subscribers, just got her self a  5-Storey Property worth 9.5 billion Korean won ($8 Million). The $8 Million landed property is located at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, South Korea. The 6 Years old Boram runs 2 Popular YouTube Channels which are “Boram Tube ToysReview” and Boram Tube Vlog.  She posts […]

Mother Expresses Disappointment Because She Thinks Her Baby Is “ugly”

A new mother just did an Instagram video expressing her dissatisfaction over the looks of her baby, as she thinks he’s’ ugly. Her statement goes as thus; “Our biggest fear was having an ugly baby. Now, look. Look what the f*** I got. Look at him. He is so funny looking.” After saying that, she turned […]

Couple Born In Same Hospital, Same Year, Gets Married 23 Years Later

A couple who were born in the same hospital, same day, just hours apart just got married after 23 Years. The Groom James Barsby was born a twin, likewise the bride too. James Barsby’s twin is a male while the bride,  Amy has a male twin too. But his wife Amy and her twin brother William […]