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Alligator Found In Family’s Swimming Pool (Video)

A New York family was going through their normal daily routine when they discovered an alligator swimming in their private pool. The father, Joe Baron who resides in Bayport, Long Island, said he was going through his normal daily routine of checking-out the pool’s filler before going to bed around 7:30 p.m. when he noticed […]

Man Climbs 19-storey Building To Save His Mother From Fire

A man has shocked neighbours when he scaled a 19 storey building to save his mother from a fire in  West Powelton, Philadelphia. The fire started in a rubbish chute and then escalated to buildings nearby around 9.30pm on Thursday, the fire was quenched around 10.56pm same day. [irp posts=”1231″ name=”BBNaija Housemate Nelson Exposes His Manhood On Live […]

Indian Woman Gives Birth To Baby With 3 Heads

An Indian woman has given birth to a baby girl with 3 heads in the city of Uttar Pradesh, India. As at this time, the cause of the abnormality hasn’t been ascertained as doctors confirmed that the medical condition is unknown. Family members of the couple were shocked when they discovered their newborn girl has 3 […]

See The Dog That Receives £5 Weekly As Pocket-Money From Owner

A Dog owner just began giving his dog £5 weekly as Pocket-money allowance as part of his show of love and fondness to the dog. The 42 years old owner of the dog, Grant Ellis made the decision which is to be offering him £5 weekly as Pocket-money after the dog snatched his wallet which contained money. When the […]

Pornhub Star ‘Jenna Presley’ Quits Porn, Now A Church Preacher

Porn Star ‘Jenna Presley’ just called it a quit in the Porn Industry/PornHub. She has now swapped Porn career for Preaching In A Church named “XXXCHURCH”. Jenna announced that she and her husband will be leading the ‘xxxchurch’ which is a Christian website that exists to help porn addicted individuals and deliver those working in the […]

Two-headed Turtle Discovered In Malaysia

A two-headed turtle has been discovered on Mabul Island, off the Malaysian part of Borneo. The two-headed turtle was found in a nest alongside about 90 others hatched on 15th of July. The two-headed turtle only survived for 2 days after it was discovered. David McCann, who’s a marine biologist and conversation manager for the group called […]

Couple Fall From 9-storey Building While Having Sex (Video)

A Russian woman and her partner fell off 9 Storey Building While Having Sex. According to reports, the woman died instantly at the spot, but the partner survived because he fell on her while she landed first. The woman was found dead at the base of an apartment block in St Petersburg, and the neighbours […]