All You Need To Know About These Amazing Offers By Smile 4GLTE Internet Providers

Smile Communications is the leading internet providers not just in Nigeria, but in some other African countries. They offer both quality and speed plus loads and loads of bonus awoof.

Smile provides unparalleled SuperFast 4G LTE mobile broadband and SuperClear voice services to customers in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania who benefit from high-speed, high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use services for home and business.

With Smile’s SuperClear voice services, provided over LTE, customers are able to make calls and send SMSs to any number in the world, using one data bundle, and paying the lowest local call rates in these countries. The quality and reliability offered by Smile is unmatched.

Some of their products include:

1. 20GB + SMiFi + FREE SmileVoice

For SuperFast internet and SuperClear voice calls get 20GB Anytime + a NEW SMiFi device + 200mins FREE on-net calls. Now you can get everyone at home to enjoy the best internet in town.

2. 20GB + SMiFi

Experience the best, SuperFast internet in Nigeria with 20GB Anytime data + NEW 4G LTE SMiFi device. Take your SMiFi with you for internet-on-the-go and share access with up to 8 other devices.

Find more of their products here

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