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American Mum Just Started Paying Her Kids Salary For House Chores

An Atlanta based mum named ‘Shaketha Marion McGregor’ had begun recruiting her children to work in various house departments to enable them to earn income and build their credit score. According to McGregor, her children had been requesting for money, new phones and allowances from her, so she decided to set up a home hiring […]

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Video of A Toddler Imitating Michael Jackson (video)

A video has been trending on twitter for some while now, and in the video, a toddler can be seen dressed in a dancing outfit while watching Michael Jackson video and imitating every of his move. The adorable video was shared by a twitter user with the handle ‘Kalie Tafoya’ with the following caption; “My […]

Woman Donates Her Kidney To Her Ex Five Years After Divorce

A Selfless woman has been praised after she took it upon herself to donate her kidney to her ex-husband, 5 years after their Divorce. The woman, Kelly Hope is 43 years while her ex-husband Dan Pyatt is 44 Years-old and they fell in love with each other when they were 18 and got married 14 years later, and […]

Toddler Falls From 6 Storey Building, Gets Caught By Neighbours (Video)

Leaving your child alone at home has a lot of disadvantages which are more than the advantages because a child left alone at home, especially a toddler can get him/herself badly injured or even get into a practice/position which can really endanger his/her life and there’ll be no adult around to help.  A lot of […]

See The Spider With Human-Like Face Spotted In A Chinese Home

A video has surfaced online showing a Spider with human-like face in a home in central China’s Hunan Province. The creepy video showed angles of the spider with Human-like face drawn on it’s back, and looking closely to it you’ll notice that the actual face is on the front and the human-like face is at […]