Chinese Monk, Shi Liliang, Defies Nature To Run on Water Surface For 118 meters.

Chinese monk, Shi Liliang, defies nature to run on water surface for 118 meters1

A Chinese monk, Shi Liliang, in the town of Quanzhou, China – defies nature to run several meters on water surface, (well, literally…that’s what it looks like. Continue reading…)

The Shaolin monastery is famous for its kung-fu monks that undergo rigorous training to pull off amazing acrobatic and physical feats. Shi Liliang from Quanzhou Shaolin Temple ran on thin plywood planks floating in water for 118 meters (387 feet), breaking his previous record of 100 meters (328 feet). In the video below, you can see his 118-meter run.

Shi Liliang loses his balance during his practice walk.

“You need to be fast but you should take only small steps,” Shi, who’s been practicing this stunt since 2005, was quoted as saying in 2015. If he would lower the speed even a little bit, the planks would sink and take him with them.

The challenging kung fu stunt is performed by dashing across thin plywood planks laid on the surface of the water.

Supporters put wooded boards in the water.

According to Livedoor News, the monk has his eye on a new record: 150 meters (492 feet).

Watch the video below:

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