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Fatal Lust – Part 1

Kyle was shopping through the store when he felt his cart bumped. He looked to see a long haired dirty blonde girl smiling at him. She said “Do, you remember me? I’m Cristine Cain. We met a year ago.”
Kyle smiled and said, “Yes, I remember you. Been long time, how have you been?”
She replied, “Good,” and added, “you had that pretty little daughter, how is she?”

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He was stunned she remembered that much but he answered good. She asked for his last name, so she could look him up on Facebook and she left. A day or so later he noticed he had a friend request from her and he accepted and viewed her profile and it said in a relationship.

He didn’t think anymore about her. A couple days later he got a message on messenger from her that he thought seemed kind of flirty, but he responded anyways. Then, he would get a message from her on messenger once a day for a week. She finally just gave him her number and said texting would be easier than messenger.

One day she asked if he would meet her for lunch cause she was having an issue and really needed to talk to someone. Kyle thought it was weird but went anyways. The lunch was harmless it seemed until he went  to leave and she hugged him and thanked him for letting her vent, but she held him long and pressed her body into his. As he pulled back she kissed his cheek. He stood there stunned as he watched her walk to her car. Later that afternoon he got a text from her saying thanks again and asking if he liked the view when she walked away. That comment he ignored in his response. She sent him a picture of her pouting her lips and he tried to brush it off too.

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The flirty messages continued from her till one day he slipped and mentioned his wife was out of town for a few days for work and his kids were staying the night at grandparent’s house and he was going out with a buddy. She kept texting him through the night as he was out, and he was on his way home when she called him. Cristine told him she swore she heard an animal in her backyard and and begged him to come over to her house and check it out. He knew better but went anyways.

When he got there she answered the door in a robe, thanked him for coming with a hug, and he went and looked in her back yard for the animals she swore she heard. He came back in the house to tell her nothing was there and saw her standing there with her robe untied and he could see she had some silky thing on.  She caught him glancing and she smiled and opened her robe, showing off a light pink silky baby doll lingerie. Her round  breasts were pushed up and almost out of the cups at the top.
Cristine smiled and said, “How do I look?”

Kyle quickly tried to look away and avoid answering the question. She walked over to him and rubbed her thighs against his crotch and said, “I think you like.”

He tried to back away but she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck. Kyle pulled back and she said, “You think I am ugly.”

He answered, “You are not ugly, and if I wasn’t married and you didn’t have a boyfriend, believe me I would be all over you like white on snow.”
Cristine smiled and said, “Prove you don’t think I am ugly and touch my ass. Nobody will know or care about an ass grab.”

He knew she wouldn’t drop it so he agreed and she turned around and he grabbed her butt. As he grabbed she slid the sides of her lingerie down and it dropped to the floor. She smiled and said, “Oops.” Kyle felt himself getting turned on looking at her bare behind and even more when she turned around showing her frontals. Then, without thinking again, he began sucking on her. He was busy doing that and did not notice her undoing his belt and trouser until he felt her hand on his privates, rubbing it.

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Cristine dropped to her knees and pulled his boxers off and her soft lips began began to give him oral sex. He reached down and rubbed her as she continued. She stopped the oral sex and said to him, “I want to feel you inside me!”

She took his hand and led him to the bed and pushed him on his back and climbed on top of him. Her hand guided his privates into her, she was very wet already — she began bouncing on him. His hands cupped her breast as she bounced and moaned. He felt her privates tighten and contract as she orgasmed on him.

She felt him getting close to blowing and she bounced harder and as he came inside her, she said, “Yes, yes fill me up!” He thought he heard her say, “Give me a baby,” but he wasn’t sure. She rolled off him and laid next to him on the bed. He quickly got up and ran for his clothes and dressed and said he had to get home. She walked him to the door still naked, hugged him and said goodbye. Little did he know as he left, this was only the beginning of troubles with her.

To be Continued…

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