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Fatal Lust – Part 2

Kyle got home and received a text from her saying ‘thank you for making sure my backyard was safe’, and included a picture of her puckering her lips. He ignored it and went to sleep.
The next morning he awoke to the sound of his phone going off and he saw a text picture from her of her boobs with a caption that said ‘they miss your hands’. Then another message came through saying ‘let me make you breakfast to thank you for settling my fears’. Kyle reluctantly accepted and went to her house.

She opened the door in her robe and said, “Do you mind if I take a quick shower first? You can have a cup of coffee and relax; I will be quick.”

“Sure, that’s cool,” he answered and she walked to the back. He poured himself a cup of coffee as he heard water running. He sat on couch and sipped the coffee when he heard her voice from the other room, “Just sit there. I will be like 5 minutes.” Kyle looked up and saw her standing nude in the hall. He couldn’t help glancing at her frontal view, stack naked.

She smiled and said, “I bet you would rather join me.” He gave a small smile and she said, “Come on. You can just wash my back for me where I can’t reach.”

Kyle got up from the couch and followed her to the bathroom and disrobed and climbed in with her. The water headed down her back and ass and he couldn’t help but watch. She handed him a washcloth and said, “Please get my back.” He ran the cloth down her back but couldn’t take his eyes off her ass and he felt himself slowly getting hard. Cristine turned around and he was looking down and his eyes locked on her bald frontal nudity.

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Something came over him and he dropped to his knees and began licking her. She moaned as his tongue pleasured her. He tasted her juices on his tongue. At this point he was already erect and he jumped up, turned her to face the shower wall and spread her legs and he penetrated her.

He began thrusting hard as they stood there and she moaned in excitement. Several minutes of thrusts and moans later, he came inside her and stepped back. She leaned against the wall for a couple minutes before gathering herself and shutting off the water. They got out and toweled off and dressed. Then she made breakfast and they ate.

As he washed the dishes for her she said, “The way you took me in the shower was so hot!”

He didn’t respond and he felt her come up behind him and whisper it again in his ear as her hands moved around his waist and into the front of his trouser. Cristine began rubbing his balls with one hand and cock with the other, which started to get him hard. He tried to move but her hands kept their grip on him. She stroked and stroked until he was very hard and that’s when she stopped and pulled off her shorts and smiled as she walked over to the table and bent over.

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He didn’t budge and she said, “You can’t go home with that hard and I am wet. So get over here and help us both out.”

Kyle undid his pants and kicked them off and got behind her and started going at it. His hips slapped against her and she screamed, “Yes! Yes! Harder…!” This went on for several more minutes until he came and leaned up against her. She reached her arms back holding his hips against her butt.

He wiggled free and was putting his trouser back on when she said, “I love the way you cum inside me.” He gave a halfhearted smile and thanked her for breakfast and as she closed the door behind him he heard her say, “I wonder if I will get pregnant?”
That comment stuck in his mind the rest of the day.  He didn’t hear from her for almost a week until one day he got a text with a picture of her privates and the caption “wish you were here to feed your cucumber to my rabbit”. Kyle didn’t respond and didn’t here from her for a couple days. He thought hopefully that was the end but he as wrong…

To be continued…

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