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Governor Wike: Rivers Has No Land For Herdsmen, Ruga Settlement

Governor Wike said no Part Of Rivers can be used for Ruga Settlement.

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According to Governor Wike, all Rivers States can offer is that the Federal Government is allowed to lay pipes from the Bonny Ocean to the far north to provide water for the herdsmen.

Governor Wike also noted that Lands in Rivers State are for Commercial agriculture.

Governor wike assured that no part of the state would be given to herdsmen when he received the founder and president of Throne-Room Trust Ministries, Apostle Nuhu Kure, at the Government House in Port Harcourt.

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Governor Wike also noted that Rivers State won’t participate in any programme meant for the Herdsmen, no matter the name given to it by the Federal Government.

“If they want water for the cattle, they can lay pipes from the Bonny Ocean to the far north for their cattle, that is what we can contribute. We don’t have lands for any settlement scheme, our land is for commercial agriculture,” he said.
Ruga settlement is a rural settlement in which animal farmers/herders stay in a designated place provided with basic amenities such as schools, hospitals, road networks, veterinary clinics, markets and others. However, the initiative has elicited nationwide controversy.


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