Man Climbs 36 Stairs Using Only His Head – Breaks Guinness World Record (Video)

Man climbs stairs with his HEAD! - Guinness World Records picture 2

A lot of us do find it hard just standing on our head even with a little hand-support, but a Chinese man who goes by the name Li Longlong (China) can not only stand on his head, but also walk on his head.

The Guiness World Record for the ‘most consecutive stairs climbed on the head’ is being held by Li Longlong.

Li Longlong previously held the record with another Chinese national ‘Zhao Xiaolong’ when he climbed 34 stairs on his head in December 6th 2012 thereby making him tie the record with Zhao Xiaolong ‘ for the most consecutive stairs climbed on the head’ record.

The competition that earned him the record for the ‘most consecutive stairs climbed on the head’ was with a strict rule that each participant was to climb the stairs consecutively without the support of their hands, and that the participants must not pause for more than 5 seconds.

But, with how competitive the record is now, it may take little time before someone else breaks that record… Or maybe he breaks that record, who knows?

These are the History of the record

  • 05 January 2015 – 36 stairs was achieved by Li Longlong (China)
  • 06 December 2012 – 34 stairs achieved by Zhao Xiaolong and Li Longlong (both China)
  • 17 December 2010 – 24 stairs achieved by Hou Baochang (China)
  • 15 March 2010 – 15 stairs achieved by Sun Xi Zhong (China)
  • 07 September 2009 – 11 stairs achieved by Sun Xi Zhong (China)

Watch The Video Below;








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