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Omotola Jalade reveals how she once f0ught a bus conductor in Maryland, advises women to learn self defense.

Omotola Jalade while reacting to the recent Yaba market women march, dropped her two cent on self-defense for women and her previous experience with a bus conductor in Maryland, Lagos.

According to the beautiful actress, women should be taught self-defense from primary school. She also suggests that it be included in the school’s curriculum till university level.

Mrs. Omotola backed up her point by making reference to how she once got into a public fight with a bus conductor. The delectable actress added that she confronted him for smacking a girl in Maryland, Lagos.

Read the excerpts from her tweets below:

“In a country like Nigeria, women should be taught self-defense from primary school. Should be part of the curriculum till Uni! Women should also be encouraged to carry pepper sprays! In the US, its normal in schools for girls to buy and carry one! Have seen school girls gr0ped/touched in their uniforms on the street by conductors/areaboys/hawkers, once got into a public fight chased a bus, confronted d conductor who reached out and smacked a girl in Maryland!

This awareness needs to yield results now! A group of Brave women set out to protest the constant harassment by men at #yaba #MarketMarchYaba it’s disgusting to see these men’s shameless reactions! More disturbing that I saw the policeman laugh in this video. #womensrights #humanrights.

Find the screenshots from her tweets below:

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