Step-To-Step Ways Of How To Get Yourself Out Of The Friend Zone ㄧ Part Two (2) — Insurance

Friend zone as we all know, means that you’ve messed up big time. The friend zone is where guys who don’t know how to attract women end up and it takes some serious work to get out of it.

In the friend zone, she’s feeling absolutely no attraction for you and thinks of you only as a friend.

This post however, is meant for you who’s stuck in the friend, for you who wants out – it’s sort of like an insurance package. And by insurance package I mean like a stone in which you step on, to propel you to the next level, the level where you wouldn’t have to worry about messing up or finding your way back to the friend zone.

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8. Show Less Interest

If you give her a little space and then come around to talk to her again, display less interest than you used to. If you display excessive interest, she’ll immediately figure out that she still has you by the balls, and that she can still “have you” if she wants.

Showing less interest makes you more challenging, mysterious, and harder to get – which she wants.
Women are always more interested in the guy who’s not showing as much interest.

PS: I didn’t say you should completely quit being interested – just stop letting her know how interested you’re. Keep it to yourself. After time goes by, she’ll unconsciously start communicating more and invariably showing more interest towards you.

9. ‘Don’t Be Obsessive’ About Your ‘Care’ For Her

If you’re with her and she tells you stories about other guys, displaying your jealousy will get you thrown into the friend zone faster than you can imagine – and of course, with the other guys who care too much.

Here’s what you should do when she talks about other guys, don’t let it bother you. And even if it does, never let it show. When she sees you’re a guy who doesn’t give a flying  f**k, it sparks more attraction.

She becomes attracted to your “carefree” and laid back attitude because she’s used to guys getting bent out of shape over small things.

PS:  Show her you’re different by not caring about things that don’t really matter, like being in control of your emotions, like a man that you’re.

10. Be Relaxed When You’re Around Her

When you show her that you’re unable to relax or unnecessarily nervous when ever you’re around her, it only tells her that she has power over you.
She expects that you be calm, cool, and relaxed and when you’re not any of those, she unconsciously  puts you in the friend zone.
When you’re not calm, cool, and relaxed, your energy causes her to feel weird being around you.

She feels uneasy, fidgety, and full of anxiety. It k!lls her ability to feel attraction for you.
When you’re relaxed, she lets her guard down, chills out, and has a good time with you.

PS: Next time you’re around her and you’re nervous, uptight, and full of anxiety, just make yourself believe that you’re talking to your sister or a friend you feel perfectly relaxed around. This would definitely have you relaxed in a minute.

You need to develop the ability to calm your brain and body down, calm your breathing, focus, and you’ll feel better. Understand that she’s not a danger0us gh0st who’ve come to take your life. Understand that she’s just a girl you like and nothing more.

11. Stop Idealizing Her

Yeah, I know she’s amazingly and absolutely pretty! Yeah I know you’d like to hold her in your arms every single second! Yeah I know you love her! But come on! Don’t let it get to your attitude towards her – at least not before she starts showing massive love interest for you.

One thing guys who are deep in the friend zone have in common is, they’re too nice! They worship women. They think the nicer they appear, the more compliments they give, and the more they render a helping hand or do all the work for her; the more ‘she’ll see what a great guy they are’. But they’re totally oblivious of the fact that, those unsolicited acts pushes them deeper into the friend zone – that even a rescue team won’t be able to find them.

To get out of the friend zone and stay out, quit seeking her approval and validation, caring so much what she thinks about you and trying to be the nicest guy in the world.

She won’t think you’re a bad guy if you stop idealizing her and being too d@mn nice! Trust me on this one!

Trust me, she’ll appreciate you more for it and think you’re a pretty cool guy. She’s TIRED of men worshiping her, seeking her approval, and showering her with compliments. She sees it as weak behavior.

12. Quit Being Her Sponsor. Please, I Beg You!

The more you buy her things, spend money on her, and paying all her bills, the more farther you go down that road called ‘friend zone’. You want to know why? That’s because she doesn’t respect you! Women use men they don’t respect and if you’re buying her attention, she will definitely take the bait and pretend to be interested in you.

The story is the same everywhere with most girls – every time. Women say, “Hey, if he’s NOT smart enough to always offer me money and think I’m really interested in him, he deserves it.”

PS: If she thinks you’re not smart enough, and you’re her sponsor and she can pull a “fast one” on you, she’ll automatically friend zone you.



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