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The Narrative: What and how it really went down with Penocrat Ayomide (Video)

Hello guys! So yesterday, after the face-off on Facebook with Penecrot Ayomide, I started receiving series of emails, texts and messages on Facebook about people knowing what really happened and how the whole thing went down!

Well, I slept over it and figured I should give it a shot! In the video below, I talked about alot of things bothering the event, the behind the scene bla bla bla and then I figured I should pitch in on some other problems that are really imminent in Nigeria.

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And again, to think that Bobrisky actually chatted me up yesterday, that alone gave me nightmare! Dude/madam, we not on the same game. This is just so unbelievable!

I also asked a lot of questions and would need the answers. Lemme know what you guys think on the comment section!

P.S: Not all browsers can be able to play the video. So I suggest you use either Chrome or Firefox.

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