This Man’s Face Swell Three Times its Size After Suffering Mysterious Disease (Graphic Image)

A 56-year-old philippine carpenter’s in a critical condition after he was hit by a disease that made his face swell 3 times its original size.

Romulo Pilapil’s condition started just after he was diagnosed with ‘sinusitis’ three years ago. When he was diagnosed with ‘sinusitis’, he was given drugs but the drugs never made his condition better.

Medics in his locality adviced his family to take him to Manila for proper treatment, but due to the fact that his family’s poor and never had sufficient funds to support his treatment, he was never taken to the recommended hospital, so his condition worsened.

Due to the condition, he has lost his sight and also stopped working as a carpenter as his lips, cheeks and eyes protruding from his skulls.

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His nephew named John Santos was quoted as saying;

‘His eyes looked irritated that day, and his nose was red.

‘He had colds so everybody thought it was sinusitis, then his face started to swell.

‘The doctors asked him to transfer to a bigger hospital in Manila where they could treat him, but the family could not afford to do this.  Since then he hasn’t had any treatment.’

Due to his medical condition, he’s no longer able to cater for his family and his wife and children has taken up menial Jobs to sustain themselves.







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